5 Most Popular Coffee Beans To Buy Today

Coffee beans are the raw material of any coffee preparation. It is the essential element of any cut, cappuccino, or espresso. These special and well-known seeds are obtained from a bush called a coffee tree. In this article, we tell you about the most popular coffee beans you can buy today along with this kicking horse coffee review so that you can decide which coffee suits you the best:

Hawaiian Kona Coffee Beans

As the name implies, these coffee beans come from the Hawaiian archipelago, and more precisely, from the island of Kona. It is the largest in the archipelago. This island is world-famous for the quality of the coffee it produces. The coffee beans of the island of Kona are the best in America, according to the famous Forbes magazine. The microclimate of the island of Kona and its archipelago offers a perfect mix between sun and rain. Furthermore, the soil of this volcanic island is very fertile, allowing perfect growing conditions for coffee beans. The Kona coffee bean has a unique origin!

Kenyan Coffee Beans

Africa is a fertile land, offering rare quality green coffee. But it is in Kenya where you can find one of the best coffee beans in the world. This is AA coffee. Coffee growers are working hard to clean, process, and sort the coffee beans. And these efforts pay! Kenyan producers produce very clean, high-quality coffee. These beans are also known for their very subtle aromas. It is true that this Kenyan coffee will convince you. The coffee beans AA are the largest coffee beans in the country, but also the fruitiest. It also has a syrupy body and some acidity in the mouth. Its aroma is fresh and floral.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

Every year Jamaica produces a small number of coffee beans, and some of them come from the Blue Mountain. Coffee beans are grown at very high altitudes, and production is limited. It is estimated that 80% of the production of this excellent coffee bean is destined for consumption in Japan. The growing conditions are very harsh and are allowed by cold temperatures. Coffee beans benefit from very rich volcanic soil and especially suitable for cultivation. The coffee beans Blue Mountain are grains of Arabica. Its aromas are very sweet, and its tasting notes are floral. Ideally, Blue Mountain coffee is consumed ground and for drips coffee makers.

Yirgacheffe Coffee Beans From Ethiopia

We return once more to Africa, but this time to Ethiopia. The coffee Yirgacheffe is considered sacred by enthusiasts and lovers of good coffee. In fact, we consider this African country as the cradle of coffee. Yirgacheffe is a true national emblem.

Geisha Coffee Beans From Central America

If you want to try the best coffee beans in the world, America is a continent that you should be interested in. In fact, Geisha coffee beans are among the richest and most unique in the world. In theory, they can be grown everywhere. But it is in Costa Rica and Panama where they develop best. Originally from Ethiopia, the grain of this variety of coffee arrived in Panama in the last century. Geisha coffee has a natural body reminiscent of tea. But it also includes bright, clear, and sparkling flavors. Therefore, we find fruity notes: peach, mango, jasmine, citrus. Vanilla and bergamot notes can also be found in this unique variety of coffee. If you like light coffees, its floral and lemon tones are clearly for you!

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