Essential Tips To Prepare The Best Coffee Drinks At Home

There are many ways to prepare quality coffee, depending on the customs of each culture, the coffee maker used and personal tastes. It is clear that having a good machine is an important first step, and we can invest the entire budget that we want to allow ourselves, but it is not the only thing to consider. In fact, our country is full of coffee shops full of professional machinery that produce drinks that are more purgative than coffees. Don’t let the same happen at home!

Buy good natural coffee and forget the roast.

There are different varieties of coffee, but the most consumed worldwide are two: Arabic and robust. Arabica contains less caffeine and provides softer coffee with fruity aromas. The robust ones have more body, are somewhat more bitter, concentrate a greater amount of caffeine and are usually perceived as stronger in flavour. You can also find mixtures of both varieties in different proportions.

Bet on coffee beans

Coffee beans are a delicate raw material that begins to lose properties the more processed they are. That is why it is convenient to buy coffee beans to grind at home, either with an automatic coffee machine or with a grinder that we buy separately if it is manual, much better, although a good electric grinder will always be better than buying ground coffee.

Always look for the freshest coffee.

Not only should you grind the beans at the moment, but it is also advisable to buy the freshest coffee possible when less time has elapsed since it has been harvested, dried, transported and roasted, much better. That is why it is better to trust professionals who are real specialists who treat the coffee they sell with the care they deserve.

Adapt the grinding grade

To adjust perfection much more, it is necessary to pay attention to the degree of grinding. With the grinding of coffee beans, what we are looking for is to facilitate the extraction by infusion, so it should be different according to the method of preparation. The great professional baristas know its importance and dominate it perfectly since a variation of the setting in coffee makers can dramatically change the quality of the cups.

Pay attention to water.

The other fundamental ingredient in making coffee is water, and we shouldn’t drink it lightly. It is the basis of the infusion and should be of the best possible quality since bad water can spoil any preparation. And you should never use hot water to speed up the process, and it should be heated gradually so as not to affect the natural infusion process.

Adjust the water-coffee ratio

Here it depends a bit on the particular tastes and coffee culture of the region, but it is not a proportion that should be left to chance. It also depends on the type of coffee maker we are going to use; For example, with the Italian one, it is recommended to fill the valve with water, without submerging it. It is clear that the higher the proportion of water, the more “claret” the coffee will come out, with less body and less aroma.

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