How to Make a Cappuccino – The Easy Method

Here is the recipe for a maker of cappuccino worthy of a good barista straight from the experts:


  • 1 espresso coffee (7-12gr of freshly ground coffee)
  • 120 ml of fresh and cold whole milk
  • 1 25cl milk jug to make the foam
  • 1 cup of cappuccino of about 175 ml
  • 1 espresso machine (using purified water)
  • 1 coffee grinder
  • 1 tamper (coffee compressor)


  1. – Prepare the espresso

Choose a good coffee bean of high quality, and that is fresh, the closer the date of the roast the better. Ideally, you shouldn’t use roasted coffee for more than three weeks as the coffee begins to lose its aroma. The freshness of the coffee is of paramount importance. With the coffee pot preheated to around 89-93ºC and always using purified water. Place the coffee in the filter holder, and if you have followed all the other steps it will take 5 to 8 seconds for the first reluctant drops of the coffee cream to appear hazelnut and honey-like in texture, and 25 to 30 seconds to get the perfect espresso.

2.- The milk foam

Press the steam button on your espresso machine. Open the steam wand briefly to get rid of residual moisture on the wand. Pour 120 ml of fresh whole milk into a metal milk jug, and the level reaches just below the spout. You have to use fresh whole milk because it makes the best cream.

How To Make A Perfect Cappuccino

If necessary, place a thermometer in the milk jug. The milk for a cappuccino should be between 65 and 68 º C when the vaporization process ends.

Put the steam nozzle inside the milk jug until it is just below the surface of the milk and then release the steam.

Listen as you make the milk cream. You should hear a constant ch-ch-ch sound if you have the wand in the correct position. If you hear a groan the steam wand is too far into the milk jug, raise the tip of the steam wand a little bit, but if you see large bubbles the tip of the steam wand is too high slightly raise the jug.

Up to 38 º C the foam is created, then you only heat the milk. Turn off the steam nozzle when the cream reaches the desired temperature, which will be 68ºC when stopping the steam at 68ºC the temperature will still rise to 70ºC.

Set the milk jug aside, while making the espresso, you can remove the bubbles by lightly tapping the milk jug against the table and to keep the cream, keep turning the jug slightly.

  1. – Make the Espresso and assemble the cappuccino

Place your cup of cappuccino under the espresso dispenser and start the brewing cycle. The first part of the extraction is a dark liquid followed by a rich golden foam called the cream. We remind you that the extraction should take between 25 to 30 seconds.

Pour the cream milk over the espresso coffee and if you have skills, make Latte art. The cappuccino should be around 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk steam, 1/3 milk cream.

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